Sunday, September 28

Almost FO: Lilly wrap, belated pics, etc

Almost finished another "Lilly" baby wrap - spot the mistake on the RH neckline (RH if you were somehow small enough to be wearing this!). Didn't spot that I'd missed the straight-knitting part until I sewed it up and there wasn't quite enough material at the front. I know, I know, I should've redone that side. But baby won't care. I just need to add a button and finish off the ties.

Two very poor pictures of things from the Knitting and Stitching show t'other week. The giant knitting needles were probably large enough that you could sit on the needle ends to eat your lunch. I should've stuck my bag in the picture, for scale. The other one is the UK submission to the crochet coral reef, being added to as I took the shot. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics - only had my mobile on me so the resolution is crappy and the lighting a bit weird.

Sid-the-cat-with-the-broken-foot. Coping quite well considering he is an outdoorsy-only-come-in-for-food kinda chap.

A Passap DBJ sample. Ignore the wider bottom edge. I am a doofus, and did not arrange the back bed pushers correctly. I keep thinking they are automatically selected like they are on the front. They are not! Took me several attempts to get this far, and the colour scheme just happens to be what is threaded up right now. Loud, huh?!

Been fiddling around with the Passap again this weekend - trying to make a back for the waistcoat fronts made with that Patons Parade. Plain black, FNR (or knit/knit). First one was a straight knitted piece, really wide and squat. Obviously, measuring stitches in an FNR gauge swatch is somewhat inaccurate (because rib is soo stretchy). Second attempt came out less wide, and this time I remembered to cast off 10 sts either end for the armholes, but it is still too wide - I could either get around it by adding some sort of belt/ties at the back, I suppose, but unless the back is gathered up somehow, it will never stay on my shoulders. And if I make it narrow enough to stay *on* my shoulders, it'll never do up around my boobs. Hmmm. I've provisionally linked it up and will show it to the knitwits on Wed, perhaps they will have some advice. I suspect I will have to make a third attempt. Knickers!

Been busily practicing cast-ons and cast-offs, am running a workshop on Wednesday. Bet everyone has forgotten, seeing as I was elsewhere last week and nobody is expecting me back 'til Nov. Hey ho.... guess I'll spring it on 'em! :) The crochet cast on (Montse Stanley has it as the "cast-off cast on", as it mirrors the cast off edge, has become my new favourite cast on (since about, hmmm, 3pm!). Dead easy and quite a bit faster/firmer than the cable cast on I normally do. Can't get head around thumb cast-on - I don't seem to have enough hands. Hopefully someone can teach me on Wednesday?! :)

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