Thursday, September 25

Sewing and skirts...

The sewing course was fab! More students have enrolled, so I can swap to Monday night, which was my night of choice (also means I can continue on next term if I want, which was not an option before). Forgot to take my footpedal so couldn't plug my sewing machine in. Duh! But I did ok with one of the college ones.

Onto the second point of the Autumn Flare skirt. Might start using lifelines - dropped a stitch and had to frog right back, and as it's 45% mohair it's already looking a little fluffy.

Added decreases, increases and swatch-measuring to the MK 101 blog - take a look here. I had forgotten some of them myself!

Work continues stressful, not least because a deadline has been postponed. Great for the sales folk but I was looking forward to working on something else. I need variety, otherwise I get twitchy.

Current mood: stressed and exhausted

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