Thursday, November 13


Oops, I went off a bit yesterday, didn't I? Apologies for that. I just can't stand whingers and moaners (don't say that too fast and Spooner-ise it, it's half rude!). And I know I'm a whinger sometimes. I can get really bogged down in negativity if one thing isn't working out right, RIGHT NOW! And then the whole world is out to get me, dammit! But this is my personal blog, and I can post whinges and rants here. I don't think it's suitable material for a newspaper article, not unless it's very, very funny! And anyroads it's been discussed to death on Rav, 534-odd posts last time I checked. Yeah, always late on the bandwagon, I! :)

The title? When I'm clearly in the wrong at home, and the Cog is gleefully pointing it out, my response is "Wellllllll.... " whilst I desperately try to find a reason why it's not, in fact, my fault, but his, or, indeed anybody else but I! :) Because my ego always wants to think I am perfect! Which is ridiculous.

Anyway, enough babbling. Autumn Flare is now onto its 8th flare. If I get to the end of the pattern (12 flares) and it doesn't reach around my girth - I seem to recall the pattern measurements seemed rather odd for my size, but as I've already said I'm a pear-shape - I may need to buy one more ball of yarn. It being Noro Silk Garden, very very random, I don't think I'm gonna stress too much about dye lots. And now that I've established that silk garden, and silk garden aran, are actually one and the same thing, I know I can buy it locally, too. It doesn't say aran anywhere in the pattern, nor on the label, hence my confusion.

Right, well, gotta get on, it's lunchtime. I will answer the question re reversible DBJ, but not right now, brain needs food!

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Safeena said...

Whinge away, Sister! Our blogs keep us from driving significant others around the bend. They can't just click away from us, you know.

Happy Knitting.