Wednesday, November 12

Yeah, right...

Spotted this NJ article on someone else's blog (I forget whose, apologies):

Original article: Knitting passenger makes trip unbearable by Jill Schensul

An "apology": Lesson One: Don't knock the knitters

By apology, she's apologising to the knitters she offended (whilst also snidely commenting on their mental health). Way to apologise. Personally, I couldn't give a fig what she thinks of knitters. I work in a male-dominated environment, and have gotten used to the snide remarks from my colleagues. Heck, I used to knit or crochet around school, with yarn tucked under one arm - I was already oh-so-very-out-crowd in a school that at the time set little store in anything that wasn't sport, by being a 3rd violinist, and also by dint of having parents that insisted I wore the correct uniform, so being a knitter really didn't make much difference. I think knitting is a far more rewarding hobby than gardening (which I find a chore), but whatever floats your boat. I don't care - judge not, less you be judged yourself.

No, it's the fact she felt it acceptable to base an entire article about having an "amply proportioned" person in the middle seat, on a full flight, who, shock horror, brought something to do on a long flight and wanted to chat. Ms middle-seat may have been nervous - I know I get talkative when I'm nervous. This journo is presumably an articulate person (otherwise, why be a journo?), yet not once did it occur to her to politely state she wanted to sleep. Apparently, Ms Middle Seat should also have been psychic - but apparently she later "cursed" her with "spiders" down the neck! Riiiiiggggght. Has anyone mentioned to this supposedly-seasoned travel writer (who doesn't fly often, in the biggest country in the world. Go figure!) that when you get above the clouds in a 'plane, the temperature drops considerably, and if you want to stay warm, pack a flipping cardigan or jacket!

Sheesh, doesn't take a degree, does it?!

I can't imagine I'm still shower-fresh after dashing around the house checking everything is OK and checking I have everything packed, then taking the connecting bus/train/coach to the airport, wearing a coat and with suitcase in tow, then queuing to check in, queuing for passport and security checks, queuing for the flight. And that's presuming one flight - a lot of flights in the US are connecting ones. Until they start putting shower cubicles on cheap flights, you just gotta suck it up, I'm afraid. I think there may well be a shower in the departures lounge at Brum airport, but seeing as I am seperated from my towel and toiletries, I've never quite seen the point! It seemed to be a mop storage area last time I checked!

People that moan about public transport should always remember - you have a choice. If you have a problem with other members of the public, find alternative transport - 'cause the world ain't about to change just for you!

As regarding items banned on flights, knitting needles have been allowed for quite a while now. To be on the safe side, I always take my Denise plastic set, which are pretty bendy. I have never heard of anyone being impaled on their knitting needles. The irony is, knitting is a well-known destresser - you're far more likely to go postal if you're NOT a knitter. However, if the writer thinks such things should be banned, she should remember, anything and everything can be used as a weapon. A good solid clonk around the head with a laptop could be quite nasty - heck, a stiletto heel in the wrong hands could also be sharp, not to mention pens and pencils. I do remember the irony of a BA flight not long after 9/11 - silver plastic cutlery, but real drinking glasses. The only way to eliminate all threats would be to have the entire passenger list fly naked. Not a pretty thought! And I'm sure you could probably still do damage with a false leg or a carefully-sharpened pair of spectacles....

OK, have I gone off on a tangent enough?! :)

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