Friday, December 12

Almost done!

The Autumn flare skirt is almost done, now - I finished the 12th flare last night, and cast off this morning. I didn't add a 13th flare -  - I was surprised, because I expected I'd be grafting it back to the start, but of course, it will need some serious steaming first. All that remains is to pick up 204 sts from the waist edge (yikes!) and make the waistband. I'm tempted to measure it before it's made up, so I could perhaps make an MK version of it sometime.


Having looked at the pattern, I discovered I was only supposed to do 9 repeats for a size 16. I don't know what the designer was thinking of, but there's no way 9 repeats will go around me! At a pinch, 10 would have sufficed, but I think I prefer a little more fullness. Here's hoping I have enough yarn for the waistband. I wonder if I should rip back a flare or two? It's supposed to be folded down on the right size - I guess if I run out of yarn, I could always sew it down on the wrong side if I need to use different yarn.

Great Universal has UK size 16-18 waist as being 81-89cm; the pattern has it at 76-81cm (which I make 14-16). Hmm - I think the sizes may have been shifted somehow and misprinted.

Not going to get much knitting done this weekend, as we are busy with xmas shopping, the works xmas do and then probably a hangover.  I may have to scale back my ambitious knitting plans somewhat.

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