Tuesday, December 16

Done, bar the blocking

I can announce that I've finished my modified Autumn Flare skirt, and I had enough yarn, so that was good! I need to get into gear tonight and start blocking it. I'm pretty sure I have some elastic somewhere. I don't think it'll be ready for tomorrow night, but you never know.

So I have gone back to the recycled carrier bag that has been languishing by the sofa. I've run quite low on non-degradeable carrier bags, so the next source will be the large collection of charity bags I keep getting. We get two or three a week, it's ridiculous! I do send my old clothes to charity, but on my terms, in my time. Asides from the fact I don't think leaving clothing on the doorstep is a very clever idea (it gives the impression you are not at home), if I filled every bag that comes, I'd have no clothes left by now. Are we supposed to become naturists or summat?! :) OK, rant over!

Xmas knitting has not really gone to plan. I have some other ideas to try, and the projects are a lot smaller and less ambitious, so hopefully I can make inroads this weekend. I made a shrug for someone, but it hasn't come out the dimensions I expected (swatch, what swatch?!) and although I gamely added a fringe last night I'm not sure I am all that happy with it. I might just chuck it in the washing machine, see if I like the outcome.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that my relatives are not at all impressed with knitted gifts. Well, their loss.

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