Monday, June 22

Two FOs: Tori and skirt with frills

Skirt with frills
Mad sewing session on Saturday night ('til midnight!) whilst watching "Blow" with a blonde Johnny Depp. It's sitting a bit low on Miss Amelia - I think she's a little slim for it. The double frill is attached to the lining. It's Simplicity pattern 4138 (as was the previous skirt). Next stop, 4273 - three piece suit.

Rowan Tori
Finished on Saturday. Pleasantly cool to wear. Yes, it does need blocking/pressing - it's been screwed up in a bag for months.

Having bemoaned Rowan discontinuing this yarn, some kind Raveller pointed out a sale at Kemps. What can I say? Some more fell into my online basket. Whoops! If I have any money to spend at Woolfest this weekend it'll be a miracle. Hoping the bamboo turns up in time, I want to make Kimi. It's a cardigan with draped fronts.

So - onwards and upwards with Blusa Queen for now.

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