Monday, January 18

Feh and meh

Ravelry are holding "Ravelympics", to coincide with the winter olympics in Vancouver. We have to cast on during the opening ceremony, and (hopefully) finish before the games are up. I made some logos for the team:





I like the Arnie (Aka Y-Arnie!) and skull ones the best. They get reduced down to 100 pixels square :)

Finished modifying the black lurex top and it came out quite well, although if I'd started from scratch I would have probably made the armholes a little less deep. Ah well. Turned the heel on the first mini-mochi sock, but need to stop and check it fits my foot, I suspect it is too short. Started a square-necked top in some multi-coloured acrylic I bought from Riverside for no particular reason. Looks like it will fit ok but came out longer than Knitware said it should, so am now worrying there'll not be enough yarn for the sleeves.

Bit fed up with it all, ATM. Dunno if it's the weather, or a trip to Brum to spend M&S vouchers yesterday. I got nothing but a snarky remark from the Cog, regarding a mac I liked - he was in a funk all day over some work stuff and brought us both down. Lost my crafting mojo at the moment - all I want to do is curl up in front of the telly and become a hermit! Sob!

Current mood: sad

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