Wednesday, January 13

Patience is a virtue...

...and believe me, it's a virtue I'm running low on this week. And I don't have a lot to start with, as a rule.

I'm having a rather irritating week, which is some feat, it only being midday Wednesday!

I had to step in and close a discussion on a group I moderate, because I got the distinct impression that neither party would stand down and, well, the tone was getting a little dark. Don't get me wrong, I love a good debate, and I have no problem with that taking place in the right forum, and in a polite and friendly manner (ie scattered with smileys and humour). But I don't like to see regulars sparring and setting a bad example for the newbies, especially when the matter in question would never get resolved to either person's satisfaction anyway and really wasn't worth getting worked up about!

Last night I decided to take the overlocker to the black lurex top I made before Christmas. The plan was to use woolly nylon and make a nice, neat, wrapped edge to enclose the poor chopped knitting. Two hours later, and not only am I quietly furious, but I've swapped back to the plain pale blue cotton I got with the overlocker, and done the best I can. I was hoping to use the overlocked edge as the finished edge, but there's not much hope of that now, it looks like somebody chewed it with a sewing machine. I think I have enough yarn left for some enclosed bands, anyhow. Never mind.

(Paragraph removed regarding non-paying knitter - person has FINALLY paid up. Would love to say "it was a pleasure doing business" with her, but it really, really, wasn't.)

These two matters have also made me loath to log into Ravelry this week, for the first time ever. I don't want to read my messages. Isn't that sad? I hate conflict and I hate having to yell at people. I don't like being the bad cop, but it seems sometimes people just don't want to freaking take the hint.

Oh, and whilst my blood is still running high. Mother Nature? Enough with the snow already. I have a knitting machine to send to Norway and you are NOT HELPING.

Ok, rant over. I needed that. Let us never speak of this again.

I am currently making a sock with Mini Mochi yarn. It's butter-soft and lovely to knit with, but it's a bit splitty. Hoping I've enough for two socks, but it's space-dyed so I'm not panicking too much about matching dye lots.

Oh, and I measured the chenille and cotton tops last night, and I must have made a serious error measuring the swatch, out of the four measurements, only one came out correctly! Grump! They are in the washing basket, hoping a wash will fix them - unlikely, but they are not froggable, so I figure I have nothing to lose by trying!

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