Thursday, January 28

Gobs of colour

The Coventry Knit Wits had another destash night last night and I snaffled this lot pronto - it didn't even touch the table!



10 skeins of Berroco Poppy - a linen mix with gobs of coloured fluff in it, and 1 ball of Wendy Dolce Mia - pink and fluffy, to replace the pink and fluffy fingerless gloves I seem to have lost half of.

Because I need more yarn, of course!

Kudos to Debbie for standing up to the bloke who was insisting he wanted to buy the entire table a drink - I don't think he realised that there were twelve of us and that we might all potentially demand pints of brandy!

Oh, and thanks to Monique's suggestion (what to do with a too-small amount of yarn) I am wearing my shrug today - and it's surprisingly good! I've never been a fan of clothing that doesn't stay put and falls off shoulders etc but it's holding up very well! :)

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