Friday, January 29

You know you're addicted to knitting when...

* You find yourself replacing all your store-bought plastic and metal needles for expensive bamboo or something similarly damaging to your bank account. It's an investment, right?
* You rarely buy knitwear because you know you could make it yourself at home. Even if you never actually get around to it.
* There are yarn or yarn-related items in almost every room of the house. Including the bathroom.
* You find that your 9 to 5 job really cuts into your knitting time (and am slightly resentful).
* Ravelry is not just a website, it's a way of life. If you're offline for more than a few days you get withdrawal symptoms
* Your sofa and carpet suffer much more from yarn scraps than pet hair - the cat just can't compete!
* You've contemplated knitting whilst stuck in a traffic jam, and tried to calculate if you could finish a row before the traffic lights change.
* You've turned up for work in at least one item you've knitted. Extra points for more than one item, and bonus points if it's underwear.
* You find yourself sometimes wishing you lived in a cold climate e.g. Scandinavia, so you have an excuse to knit and wear even more items.
* You've taken at least one work-in-progress to a beach holiday, and then sweltered under the weight of it.


Susan said...

you refer to 'your chair' as your knitting nest

you long for a truly portable knitting machine

scarves, hats, mittens and zucchini squash have more in common than one would think

you apply for a government rebate for the new high end insulation that you have used on your walls

steel breeze said...

LOL my whole room is called the "knitting nest", it is so untidy! But I know where everything is (mostly).