Monday, March 8

Garter carriage

I've been beavering away with a garter carriage jumper this week, my first ever garment with it. I think I've got the hang of it now - there's only one small mistake, when I had a problem and reset the pattern a row behind. I even used it to cast off one sleeve - it snapped the yarn on the second one, at about 10pm last night, so I cast that one off by hand.

It's a V neck with short sleeves in some kind of wool/acrylic mix (cone not labelled). All the parts are done, it just needs sewing up. It's not exactly the fastest way to make a jumper, even at its top speed, but it's been an interesting learning experience.


  • If doing increases or decreases every other row, set the garter carriage to do the knitting continuously, and work the shaping whilst it's down the other end of the knitting - presuming your knitting is wide enough to do that!
  • If stitches start dropping randomly, try changing your gc needle. It might be "tired".
  • Pick a drop-sleeve style if you can to minimise shaping. Nothing wrong with a cut and sew neck, either, if you have enough yarn.
  • If the carriage has to be stopped/reset, check your pattern and check which line it is on! It's quicker than trying to unpick a row.

Will post pics when it's done.

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