Wednesday, March 3


Had a productive few evenings this week. Monday night I made a start on my first ever garter carriage sweater. Yes, despite the fact I bought a gc ages ago and never really used it, and then replaced it with a newer one.

The garment in question is a short-sleeved V neck top in grey acrylic. I decided to make the front first, because if l'm not happy with the shape/ neck it means I haven't spent time on making the back first. I think I've only made one mistake so far. When knitting the neck, one half of the garment has to knitted back to A (non-working) position. After a while, the weight of the knitting dragged some of these held needles forward and confused the carriage somewhat. When I reset it, I put in the pattern row it stopped on, and didn't add 1. Whoops! Getting the hang of it now, though. The back is straight, so will be easier.

Also I'm brushing up on my passap skills. I need to get past the beeping and swearing bit, because I'm teaching some students next week on it. Double- bed fabrics are a breeze, but single-bed impossible to cast on. Ended up doing some knit/knit (full needle rib) until I had enough to hang a comb weight on, and three claw weights. Then I dropped the back bed stitches, took a deep breath and knitted some plain stocking stitch. Result! Whoever said the passap needs no weights, never tried single bed work on it. Messy, but got it going.

I also made some machine covers from an old duvet cover - three slits along the back and one on the right for the passap, and one slit at the back for the japanese machines. The covers I had have been binned, they have seen better days. By the fifth slit Iid even got the hang of doing them with the overlocker. I had to do some judicious blanket stitch on a few, turning 360 with an overlocker is not easy!

TraceyKM, I found the MK glove pattern on the Knitting Fiend's website. The or something? Can't remember the exact URL right now, and am composing this post on my phone in a car park near Lichfield :) Will post it when I get back online.

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TracyKM said...

I'm not sure how I did it, but shortly after I had commented, I came across the glove generator! Of course, right after that, the temperature here went up to 10C, LOL! But now I can be prepared for next winter!