Thursday, May 27

FO: Passap KAL, pattern 5929

Passap KAL, pattern 5929
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Doing a not-very-good job of hiding it on Ravelry, I can now post a picture of the finished items - because they went to the recipient's mum-to-be last night!

It's only my second experience using a Passap Model book pattern, and the patterns are OK but sometimes over-complicated, and sometimes a bit vague on instructions. 200g of blue wool doesn't indicate what thckness that might be (my copy doesn't have the usual yarn sample with it) so I made a guess at 3ply and they came out OK, although I suspect 4ply would havw been better. The hat and the booties pattern were vague about tension, so the blue hat is probably a preemie size and the pink one more sensible. But I've not much experience of babies so I'm hoping they'll fit! :) Whatever she doesn't want can go to charity.

There's not a spare shirt button left in the house, now! :)


Julie said...

As the recipient's soon to be mother, I think they're rather sweet and I'm sure they'll be put to good use very soon. :)

Dee Pettipher said...

Her Here cant wait to see the bundle wearing them jane