Friday, May 14

Learning stuff, but not making progress...

More work on the Passap KAL last night. I managed to make one monster baby trouser leg, and then two that were the right width but waay too long (I was reading the figures for the cardigan by accident, the schematics are side by side).

However, (a) I finally got my machine wired up correctly, thanks to John and Judy from the wonderful Passapknits group, and (b) I learnt how to cast on in the middle of two pieces of knitting (the crotch of the trousers).

So, although output was zero, I did learn some stuff!

For anyone else who has the Passap E6000 and the motor (mine's a 4600A):

1 Empty
2 Main Console
3 "Top" slot on side of Motor control box
4 "Bottom" slot on side of Motor Control box
5 Yarn feeder mast
6 Yarn feeder mast
7 Empty
8 Empty
9 Colour changer

This isn't in my manual, I guess it got mislaid by the previous owner.

Why is this important? Well, the motor worked before, it always has done. But the yarn feeder masts were connected incorrectly, so if the yarn snapped the machine would carry on and strip everything from the machine. Not pretty, and not advisable to leave the machine unattended. Which rather negates having a motor, really!

Laritza, I knitted the front last. I would have made it first, and even started it, until I hit the instruction "when front is 43 rows shorter than the back" - and had to stop. I hate that kind of instruction in a pattern - it's lazy pattern writing! I like to make the front first to see if I like the fit.

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Laritza said...

Can't blame you on that one. Don't you love it when stuff just works?