Friday, August 13


There's been a lot of discussion and aggro on the Rav boards about Knit Camp. Work permits for non-EU tutors failed to materialise on time, meaning a lot of Tuesday's classes had to be rescheduled. I'm not going to go into the rows that caused. I can see both sides of the situation - I know how upset I'd be if I'd booked something I couldn't attend. But on the other side, to err is human, and it's probably just the kind of detail I'd screw up. It is a shame that this cock-up brought out the nastier pack element in a lot of folks, some of whom aren't even attending. But I see faults on both sides and do not wish to add further fuel. The KC organisers have put heart and soul into this, and kudos to them for that. They all look a bit stressed but have gone above and beyond to help everyone. So. 'nuff said.

I had a pleasant enough drive up to Stirling - the scattered showers kept things interesting, and I was ably accompanied by Abba on the stereo. Found the place no problem. Found the knit camp office too. Had trouble locating the "correct" loading bay, so used my initiative, some elbow grease and some cursing (my trolley steered like a brick). Cottrell is bigger than it looks from the plan, and surrounded by carparks. Had a bit of trouble locating digs, partly my eyesight, partly not much signage. The chalet I'm in sleeps 5, and it's very Centerparcs. I love it! Almost makes me wished I'd stayed in halls of residence in my uni days! I have about 6 kid's books in my room, which is surreal. Wish I'd had room for my bike, too, but the car was already pretty full.

So I went back to Cottrell and got all my machines set up in the KC office. There was yarn everywhere, it was doubling as a shop, so I couldn't lay out properly. Found the dining room and had a salad - I resisted dessert, but that won't happen tonight I promise you!

Found a little atrium area where people were knitting, so did a few rounds on picovoli. Went back to finish settting up, and a flustered Kate said she'd been looking all over for me, could I swap classrooms?! She has my mobile number but forgot! Argh! So much for a jog round the lake - I got my exercise last night, lugging all my kit down corridors that get progressively narrower. Five trips with that blasted trolley again, ably helped by Amy!

But it actually works better this way - we can shut the door, we won't upset the spinners, and we won't have students wandering in and out. I might even have more students - there's been a lot of interest because of the reschedulings. I know I said I'd leave midday tomorrow, but if there are more students I'm more than happy to teach until I collapse in a heap somewhere. So. I am in room 44 today if anyone wants to know! :)

Everyone I've spoken to has been very friendly and very happy. Yes, there've been problems, but we knitters are a resilient lot. Quite a few US accents and other nationalities here, which is a pleasant surpise. I thought *I* was coming a long way! :)

Didn't sleep well, but I never do in a strange bed, and my mattress feels slightly tilted towards the wall. Stayed up 'til gone midnight chatting with the other tutors (the white wine I brought went down very well, although I probably had the lion's share).

Brekko isn't until 8.30 which is late for me (I start work at 8.30!) so it might be a bit of a mad dash, but I think part of the reason for my insomnia is that I'm excited like a big kid on xmas eve. I'm passionate about machine knitting and I hope to spark that passion in my students.

It's 7.45 now - gonna have another coffee and knit. Let's see what the day brings. I honestly can't wait! :D


Re-Illy Unique said...

Your excitment is catching!!
I hope you continue to have a wonderful time :)

Dee Pettipher said...

welldone jane you be fab........have fun xxx Dee