Wednesday, August 11

Off to Scotland

I spent a large part of last night packing away certain bits of knitting machine kit, before my student arrived for her lesson. There's a pile of stuff in the hallway waiting to be loaded into the car tonight. I'm probably taking a standard, a chunky, and a convertible machine (which is a spare in case we get another student).

I've got to sort out some DK and 4ply coned yarn (not got a lot of either), make sure to pack needles, punch cards, doodads and tools. Oh, and pack some clothes/toiletries, ha!

I'm going to be on the road most of tomorrow, and then most of Saturday afternoon (or possibly Sunday, it depends on how everything pans out). If I leave not long after midday on Saturday, I might just about get home for bedtime. If it was just me, I'd've considered taking the train or a 'plane, but there's no way I can carry three machines, three tables and the assorted paraphernalia that goes with them, on my own.

I am really looking forward to teaching at Knit Camp. It's just a pity about the long unaccompanied drive either side of it! I've never done such a long drive before, without someone else to take turns. If you are on the M6 north tomorrow, look for a nutter in a silver Fiesta, singing along to Absolute radio and eating jellybabies. :)

After packing away all the Brother kit, it was like coming home to an old friend, using the SK840 again. It was the first chance I've had to try my lace carriage out - Andee of Andeeknits adjusted the timing for me - and now it does lace perfectly, nary a dropped stitch in sight. Result!

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Edley said...

Happy Trip Jane!

We'll miss you on the Rav and elsewhere.

I hope all your students appreciate your assistance as much as we do!