Monday, September 13

Metropolitan Dream Week 2010 - day 3 (Wednesday)

First talk of the day was Norman Whitfield and his amazing Passap blankets, made using tech 186 (fantasy fairisle). They gradually got more complicated (cartoon cats, dogs etc) and culminated in one that was a picture of a windmill. He then showed us some neckwarmers - they look like polo necks, and tuck under v-neck garments - and some great scarves/hats in a two-colour rib. We have his wife to thank for all this - she wanted a machine, but didn't get on with the Passap, so he took it on.

Picture 046
Norman and his amazing Passap blankets

Bill King talked about using sock heels and short-rowing to create seamless garments. He had managed to make some funny bits of knitting, that made him look like Olive Oyl or a rooster. He also showed us some amazing garments made using holding position and various colour schemes. The continual cry was "have you got a pattern?!" to which the answer was always "no!"

Picture 049
Bill King demonstrates knitting wedges

Picture 058
BK dress - it's not as calculated as I first thought it was! But still darned clever!

After lunch, it was time for Carl Boyd to show us some cut and sew. He explained the use of his neck template, and talked about sewing on knits. He also showed us how to insert a zip, and had us all in stitches telling us about losing his false leg in Spain and having to give up ballet.

Picture 059
Carl Boyd shows off a zipper insertion

Sat next to Bill King at dinner - he is such a hoot! Mind you, he got waylaid by the Norwegians so I lost him for the second half.

The evening's talk was about commercial spinning, given by Nick from Uppinghams. Dinner ran rather late (it was almost 10pm) so I gave it a miss and headed for bed. Sorry Nick!

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