Monday, September 13

Metropolitan Dream Week 2010 - day 4 (Thursday)

I had two classes with Susan - a hands-on one, where I had a go at bridging to add more yarn for cable crosses. I also had a go at chinese knots, and knitting a column of "sock heels" to create a textured effeect. In the second class, she showed us hand-pulled two-colour slip stitch, and talked us through how to create a two-colour slip pattern that would also work for tuck stitch. She also showed us various edgings and snail-knitting to create a circle or a hat. I also learnt to swear in Japanese! :)

Picture 061

Picture 060
Hand-pulled two-colour slip stitch

My last class was with Anne Smith of Machine Knitting Monthly. She has continued with her exploration of what can be done with just the basic set of cards, and produced some amazine textures.

Picture 062

Picture 063
Who says machine knitting is just for fast stocking stitch?!

Thursday night is the evening of the competition - you have to make something wearable or non-wearable with a mystery yarn that is sent to you. Unfortunately, there were two road accidents in the Crewe area, so it took quite some time for the coach to arrive, and the trip back was slow-going too (kudos for the driver for taking a few detours). My plan had been to go to the gym and then pop out to the bank (hadn't been anywhere near an ATM all week so ready cash was getting low). Alas, there was just time for a quick shower and change.

Everyone brought their items in, in bags - the voting is anonymous. Non-wearables were placed on a table for people to vote on after dinner. Wearables were modelled by two "volunteers" who visited every table in turn. There were some wonderful items - two striking coats, some beautiful stoles and a fabulous top hat. Whilst the votes were being counted, prizes were awarded for the "garment of the day". Then the winners were announced - a knitted fan for the non-wearables, and a fantastic diagonally-knitted jacket with bits of gold fabric also woven into it. My personal favourite was Tricia's felted shetland jacket, made out of lots of swatches. She actually modelled it too and had to keep quiet!

I didn't take any photos because I'm an idiot - hopefully they'll be on the Metropolitan website soon!

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