Monday, September 13

Metropolitan Dream Week 2010 - day 5 (Friday)

I was raring to go on the last day, having finally got my sleep sorted out. It's always the way with me!

I checked out quite early and made my way over to Metropolitan, and had enough time to photograph all the vintage machines in the "museum", and have a good root around in the vintage patterns. Discovered a load of vintage Passap model books, so now have an almost complete collection. Also picked up a vintage Brother patterning book - all hand-selected or pushbutton patterns, but still useful - for inspiration, and they can be converted to punchcard/mylar too.

The last talk of the day was by Carol herself. After handing out certificates to everyone who took part in the competition, she displayed last night's winning items (some folk weren't staying at the hotel). She gave an interesting talk on decorative hems, and how to use the Hague linker for decorative stitches and applying beads.

Picture 106
That model looks really snooty to me!

I had another coffee and my lunch (couldn't finish it as it was only 11am so breakfast hadn't been long!), so wrapped the rest up to eat at home. I got back on the road and was home by about 1.30pm - the cat was very pleased to see me, but not as pleased as he was to go outside and do his thing!

All in all, a fantastic week (they were already taking bookings for next year as I left). Met some wonderful people - Sue M who has a rude name for Cillit Bang, Sue who was on our table and discovered she was knitting too fast for her DAK, Harriet from Northern Ireland, the lovely June, and many more folks (sorry, I am rubbish at remembering names). Hope to see you all again next year!

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Rachael said...

I wish I could go along but sadly can't as DH won't allow it : (