Tuesday, October 26

Almost FO: coffee and cream jumper for the Cog


Let this be a warning to all knitters. This is what happens when (a) you don't calculate if you actually have enough yarn and (b) you don't think beforehand what you're going to do with the bands. Clearly 400g of a DK yarn is not enough for a whole jumper. I was saving the cream for something else. Oh welL!

The sleeves have 10 rows reversed stocking stitch, the bottom band is reformed rib, and the neck band (knitting and then treble crochet) looks bloody awful and was unpicked last night. I'm going to add some 2x2 rib by hand, I think. So you could look at this in two ways - either the goddamn sweater curse that plagues every garment I make for the Cog has struck again, or I'm really just crap at planning. :)

This is the first garment I've made on the LK150. The yarn is Forsell's DK Touch of Silk, knitted at T4. Not the smoothest or most forgiving of yarns on a plastic machine.

There's also a round-necked one in the same yarn but bottle-green. I had two cones of it, so it's going to be more successful. It just needs sewing up - the yarn is unsuitable for sewing, as it thins and splits. It's very similar to Noro Silk Garden in composition, just without the lovely colour changes.

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