Thursday, October 28

Just saying...

...that getting the accountants in AFTER an event has made a big loss (leaving lots of people out of pocket), seems akin to nailing a smoke alarm to the remains of your burnt-out house. Just saying.

JaneKAL and Pat (Woolly Thoughts) have organised a collection for the tutors that are owed money from Knit Camp. The fund closes on the 31st October, so if you feel you want to donate, the info is here. It's entirely voluntary, and in no ways lets the (dis)organiser off the hook. I think some of the affected people are now pursuing this in the small claims courts. The actual amount owed is eyebrow-raising (and sadly I don't think will ever be repaid in full).

Anyway, that said, I finished sewing up the bottle green jumper for the Cog last night. Verdict: "It's getting there". Hmm. Well, better than his pained "how do I tell her it's bloody awful and it'll never see the light of day ever again" look, I suppose. It's awaiting a wash before final photography.

Have unpicked the neck on the beige jumper - caught myself wincing when he popped over the road in it, so it needs to be re-done. Bah. Knitting machines? They make jumpers quickly, but they also provide you with lots of sewing up/rework. And I can machine knit faster than I can sew up, haha!

Remember the autumn flare skirt? It was a magazine pattern, and I resized it to fit my ample frame. Alas, I never wore it, I felt it was too heavy. So it's unpicked and has been swatched on the LK150. Not sure what it will become yet - maybe a simpler pencil skirt? Hmm. I do know that it knits more smoothly that the Forsells Touch of Silk, and having been knitted once, it means most of the chaff has been removed too.

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