Wednesday, March 9


Spent quite some time trying to find a pair of 2.5mm straight knitting needles this weekend - for making the aforementioned disastrous socks. Turns out I never had a pair of straights in this size - I checked my inventory on Ravelry. I should have looked there first, duh! A quick scan of the Hobbycraft site saved me a wasted journey later - they only carry Pony needles, and they don't come in a 2.5mm size. Got some Clover bamboo ones on order from Get Knitted. I think I'll frog the sideways sock and have a go at Bakerloo (Rav link) instead, at least there are resizing instructions.

It's a pity Charlie Sheen has gone all crazypants. I thought he was really cute in that comedy film (it was suffixed Part Deux but the name escapes me). Ah, it's always the way! Perhaps he's heading for a nervous breakdown?

I had chicken and ham pancakes with cheese sauce last night, and then a pancake with fresh lemon and sugar for dessert. I love Shrove Tuesday! Chinese tonight, hurrah!

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Heather x said...

Hot Shots Part Deux babe :)

Isn't it always the way, you are sure you have the right needles somewhere, search for days only to realise you don't have the right size!

*hugs* Heather x