Tuesday, March 8

Sideways sigh days

So I thought I'd have a go at this sideways sock (PDF here) - I'm sure I actually printed it out months ago but I can't find it now. Well, I followed the pattern and started to graft the sock last night. Glad I didn't get too far - it is WAY too small for an adult leg. Rather disappointed, especially as I spent a lot of time on it (2.25mm needles - not for the faint of heart). So I either need to add a LOT of rows somewhere or I need to start again.

Meanwhile I finished creating a simple four-part Passap workshop for the guild's Yahoo group, and I've added cuffs to both sleeves and the back of the blue chenille jumper. I just need to have a think about if I want to add a cable pattern to the front of it now.

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