Wednesday, August 10

History of Toyota Knitting Machines

Found a folder full of interesting knitting history in amongst the stuff I am selling for a friend. Thought this might interest the Toyota owners (not sure if the machine history is complete):

Company Profile

Aisin Seiki Co Ltd, founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of automotive parts and sewing machines, has since grown into a principal international supplier of components for engines, driving systems, suspension, brakes, clutches and bodies, as well as home appliances and industrial machinery.

An important member of the Toyota Group, which supplies parts to the Toyota Motor Corporation, Aisin is also known for its strong independence. For home use, Aisin manufactures knitting and sewing machines, electric appliances, and beds: for industrial use, it makes precision metal molds, large transfer machines, and sewing machines.

Aisin’s intensive research and development continues to produce new products and improve on existing ones, such as metallic fibres, cryogenic freezers, the Stirling engine, and a drive unit for artificial human hearts.

As leader of the Aisin Group, which comprises eight affiliated companies in Japam, Aisin confidently offers innovative high-quality products and home and internationally. The company has nine subsidiaries overseas and one affiliate each in North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

History of Toyota Knitting Machines

1954 Model NT10 - pitch 5.5mm, 170 needles, sliding handle, hanging weights style). Single knitting machine of needle orerating type

1955 Model MT20 – pitch 4.5mm, 170 needles, sliding handle, one ste bed dropping, one pitch swing. Double bed knitting machine

1959 Model K202 – 180 needles, two step bed dropping, 10 pitch swing, 3 colour changing device. Double bed knitting machine

1960 Model K104 – 210 needles, wide stainless steel bed, fixed handle, non-hanging weights style. Single bed knitting machine

1962 Model K106 – needle selection mechanism built into the carriage. Single bed knitting machine

1965 Model 109 – needle selection mechanism built into the carriage, limited number of needle selections. Single bed with pattern trace knitting

1969 Model K600 – needle selection mechanism built into the carriage, 12sts in one punchcard, built-in weaving pattern device, lace carriage. Single bed with easy operation of fairisle knitting

1971 Model 700 – single bed knitting machine with knit tracer (optional)

1972 Model 210 – pitch 3.63mm, 252 needles, two step bed dropping. Double bed knitting machine

1972 Model KR450 – pitch 4.5mm, 200 needles, step bed dropping. Rib knitting machine.

1977 Model KS787 – Carriage needle selection mechanism, 24 stitches in one punchcard, manual selection of 12 stitches, motif magic, attachable knit tracer. Single bed knitting machine

1981 Model KS901 – Carriage needle selection mechanism, 24 stitches in one punchcard, lace carriage needle selection, motif magic, extended pattern, transferring stitch lace by lace carriage

1981 Model KR501 – two yarn feeders, fold down style handle, built-in feature called Simulknit (no slack yarn on the back).


Clarisse said...

How odd that it doesn't mention the KS727 or KS747 main bed knitters or the KR460 ribber bed that works with the KS787. Just say-en :) But thanks for putting it up for our information.


I agree with lady because I need instructions for the K727 how to use it . Where can I get a copy. Would appreciate an answer. Thankyou

steel breeze said...

Sorry, I don't know. You might find something on that is near enough perhaps?