Tuesday, September 27

Only slightly excited...

I’m borrowing a PC10 patterning device from the seller, to prove (or disprove) once and for all, what is wrong with my SK860. I like playing with new toys but this has become a necessity – one way or another this little saga must come to an end, not least because I have lots of things I want to knit in my queue and the SK860 is now holding that up. If it works, I’ll buy the PC10 I guess - hadn’t planned on it so it will have to go on the credit card. If it demonstrates the same fault, then the carriage is definitely at fault and will need to be returned (possibly with the machine) for repair. So although I’m slightly excited to be playing with a new piece of kit, I’m going to have to wade through the manual first as to how to get a pattern into the blasted thing. I’m out both days this weekend so I’m hoping I’ll have the time to put it through its paces.

In other news, I’ve only had one bid on my Ebid auctions (and that for an Alan Dart handknitting pattern, which we all know is like knitter’s crack for some people). So I have had no choice but to list other things on that famous auction site – just because it seems to get the most exposure. Luckily these are mostly books and small machine knitting items so there shouldn’t be too much hassle with postage/things going wrong. It seems to be a necessary evil, alas. Trying to limit myself to about 20 auctions a week because that’s a lot of postage and packing to organise when one works full time.

Cameo is growing steadily (when I don’t mess up and have to frog a row). Frogged my one and only attempt at slip stitch crochet, and will probably frog the first Eve's rib tunic top I made with the rest of that yarn, as I doubt even I’LL ever wear something QUITE that loud. Bearing in mind that yarn was originally a cardigan, it's taking quite a while for me to work out what to do with it. Why, yes, I did buy it on a whim, how did you guess? Which is why "Ooh, pretty!" is never a good enough reason to buy any yarn. Even it it's made of rainbows, sparkles and unicorn poo. Ahem.

I am also part-way through machine-knitting another Lilly wrap top, and need to finish the first one - whether or not the second one gets finished in time for its intended recipient remains to be seen. Somebody will get some use out of it.

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Phil said...

I hope you manage to get the SK860 sorted, must be so frustrating for you!
Hopefully my Option 4 should arrive today so looking forward to getting going with that. I am glad I'm not the only one who has loads of projects on the go haha :-)