Monday, September 26


Only just got these photographs off G's camera - these were taken on Heritage weekend (Sept 11th), at the Weaver's house in Spon End, Coventry. The house was really interesting and you could see straight up to the roof (originally it would have had an open pit for a fire, the chimney breast was a later addition). I didn't have time to see much unfortunately. Better luck next year I guess.

Demonstrator at work on the portable folding loom - the IKEA stool was rather wobbly, the loom was better made!

Back of the weaver's house from the garden

These strips were woven by members of the public and then sewn together

Loom inside the house

In other news, have run some diagnostic tests on the SK860 using the PE1 and everything seems to check out. Have uploaded PE1 shots to Flickr - not sure how they are supposed to look, so it doesn't really help. Started another Lilly wrap on the SK840. Hoping to get my standard ribber working again soon.

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