Monday, January 2

FO: Cotton top for niece

Cotton top for niece - another Peaches n creme special.

Determined to have a serious tidy-out at home this year. Get rid of surplus books, freecycle, recycle or dispose of items that are no longer in use at home. Have a good sort out in the attic too, as I've several sets of crockery that will probably never be used. On the crafting front, I'm aiming to get through some stash - it's out of hand right now - so to that end I've been calculating patterns in Knitware and then drawing them up as a diagram.

Himself asked for a wedge monitor (kind of guitar amp) for xmas, which was duly ordered. Darn thing is approximately 75cm square and there's little or no room for it. Turns out it was the wrong one, too - it had no plug attached, so another one is now on order. He's officially filled up the house now - I don't think he realised just how big it is, and as it's a wedge shape it's not even as if it will slide into a cupboard easily.

Next time I think we should pick such items out in person - far less room for error, and at least we'll know how big it is!

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