Tuesday, January 10

FO: Vest and dishcloths...

Cotton vest in PnC cotton, calculated with Knitware.

Loving these Peaches n creme dishcloths made with leftovers....

Potpourri dishcloth

Blue dishcloth - this turned out a little short, and as I have more of this as part of a swatch, so I'll probably unpick the cast-off edge and make it a bit longer. I've got a black and white one n the go now (in Lion brand cotton).

I've more leftover PnC from the pastel top I made for Leah last week. I've one more cone of PnC - 14oz of fiesta, which is a very loud colourway in bright reds, pinks, greens, blues and yellows. I've got plans for a knitleader project for it, although I'll probably use Knitware to calculate some of it.

I'm also trying to source 4 balls of discontinued sock yarn via the lovely folks on Rav. Seems the ones I need are all in the US - no matter, I'm happy to pay postage. I managed to strip the thread on one of my Knitpicks Pro Harmonie needles, so now I need a new pair of 4.5mm tips - not impressed! I'm also thinking of entering this year's Guild of Machine Knitters competition and TRYING to talk myself out of buying yet more yarn just to work on it. So, despite my best attempts to not buy anything much this month, costs keep coming up nevertheless!

Argh. I hate January! Best to stay indoors, knit, and avoid the shops and temptation.

Have turned the heel on the first Estonian spiral sock - think there's a typo in the pattern somewhere, so adjusted it somewhat. Not very keen on how tidy the heel stitches were when I picked them up. Will try to do better on the other sock. Hey ho.

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