Thursday, January 12

Insult and injury

My first attempt at a non-plain sock isn't going well. I had to frog back the first attempt after 3" when I completely messed the pattern up. Having since checked out other knitters on Rav, they all state it could do with being a bit bigger. Top that with finding one of the DPNs completely out, when I took it out to work on it last night, and I'm starting to wonder if the knitting gods aren't trying to tell me something!

Now I'm not sure whether I should rip it out and start again. Argh!

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Heather x said...

Arhhh I feel your pain Jane, the knitting gods haven't been on my side this week either.....I have been knitting a Kate Middleton shawl and have spent just as long picking up dropped sts has I have knitting the bloomin thing!

Oh well, I am sure your socks, like my shawl will turn out ok in the end babe :)

*hugs* Heather x