Monday, March 26

Bits and bobs and blackouts

First, some finished objects:

Cotton boucle top - this stuff is a nightmare to knit with, and I'm not sorry it's mostly finished up. Had to use the chunky. The blue version of this was one of the two jumpers in the Great Knitting Disaster of Christmas 2009.

First of the 2012 batch of charity tee tops - this has a silver lurex thread in it

Crocheted bag. Would have made it bigger, but ran out of yarn.

Can't take credit for most of these, this was the Manor House machine knitter's submission for cushions for the Olympiad.

If you've been wondering why the blog has been quiet, it was because I was on holiday in Bruges, drinking lots of Belgian beer. We had lovely spring-like weather all week. While there, we visited the big cemetery (Tyne Cot) in Paschendale


I realised that I never posted a picture of the actual CSM I ended up with:


I attended a CSM day on Saturday in Ruddington, so it was a good time to take some photos. More photos of the event here.

Yesterday I helped man the guild stand at Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC.


Yes, the birds are machine-knitted by a lady called Alison.

I may have broken my yarn fast not once but three times. I did buy a handbag and some new purses too.

I had planned a quiet evening in last night, supping Belgian beer, and conquering Mount Washmore. Alas, fate had other ideas, and contrived a black-out (and lots of digging of a hole outside the neighbours). We had black and blue burgers by candlelight, which was unexpectedly romantic, and then scrabbled for socks and went down the pub as it got dark. Good job too, as the power didn't come back on until half ten.

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