Tuesday, March 13

Some FOs


This is a shrug from Drops Design (116-25). I removed the buttonholes from the garter stitch edge, because I couldn't see how it would fasten and sit correctly. Got 3.5 more skeins of this stuff to use up yet!


This is "Fringed Fashion" or "Fashion Fringe from Knitwords 48 (spring '09 - the magazine gives it both names). This is for my niece and wsa knitted on the KH950i. Lace transfers done by hand, too about 6 hours to fringe it.



Two views of twisted Estonian sock (from "Think outside the sox"). The heel is done by knitting a heel flap (the sock is 60sts in the round, so the heel flap is 30 rows on 30 sts, slipping the first stitch). The heel is shaped by knitting across to the middle, then short-row knitting back and forth over the middle stitches with a decrease at the end of each row until all sts are knitted. !5 sts are then picked up either side of the heel, and these are decreased on every other row until you are back to 60 sts

The second sock has been cast on.


Blonde said...

I love the fringed dress! What fiber did you use for the fringe?

steel breeze said...

The whole garment is 4ply mercerised cotton, including the fringe