Monday, June 11

NLI Knitathon, 9th June 2012

I did a 5 hour stint at the Next Level International charity knit-a-thon this weekend. I knitted 16 6" squares on my trusty KX395 and also helped sew up blankets with my linker. The hall was quite cold - yeah, I usually get really hot machine-knitting, so didn't think to bring a cardigan, and because I was in the other half's car, I didn't have my emergency fleece to turn to. Maybe if it had been warmer I wouldn't have knitted quite so many, ha!

A 6" square ready to be cast off.

The hot pink and the royal blue ones are mine! :)

Many thanks to Mary for organising such a lovely day, and many thanks to Linda for the scrummy gingerbread biscuits too! Diet? What diet?!

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Tatiana said...

Great! You have such wonderful day!