Tuesday, June 19

Not dead

Just busy. This weekend was the annual AGM for the Guild of Machine Knitters - had a lovely day and resisted buying any more yarn or other goodies. Did snaffle quite a few cheese straws though. Yum!

I got my Lizard Ridge bag back - it didn't win anything, but never mind - it was fun to make. The speakers were Nick from Uppinghams and Jools Elphick with some rather esoteric hats. I liked the arty ones but most of them I wouldn't have worn myself. But then I'm not that keen on hats anyway - I get hat hair, and anyway I'm usually driving so it's not quite so important.
I'm in the process of having a major sort out this year, so having been freegling (aka freecycling) lots of stuff lately - or at least, trying to - two no-shows on Friday night made me rather cross. Luckily I hadn't planned on going anywhere anyway. Found a set of saucepans in the attic and have some crockery to get rid of. It might as well be some use to someone else rather than gathering dust in the attic.

I finished a round-necked cardigan in Marble Chunky on the KH260 - alas, not had chance to get to town yet, so it is without buttons. Hasn't stopped me wearing it though! It was either that, or listen to the football. Yes, I am a football widow at the moment. Himself insists on watching every match.

I also made another T top in the pastel version of that yarn - and yet there's still MORE of it! Argh!

Still haven't put the KH950i back up - the idea was, it'd force me to use my Passap, but as it is, I'm hardly home enough for any machine knitting. I've started to re-apply the edging to the passap jacket, but I think I've done it the wrong way around (this is the second attempt) so will have to start again.

Am off to Woolfest this weekend so there won't be much machine knitting going on until I return - presuming I don't drown in the rain/mud first, ha!

I've recently discovered the "accessibility" setting in Windows XP so am doing most things in black and white and REALLY big text - looks a bit like DOS (now I'm showing my age!). Makes reading the screen easier for me though - as it's a CAD machine it's set to a stupidly-high resolution, which means I struggle to read the writing on screen. I wish websites and certain programs would consider that when they're being coded. I'm having to guess where the buttons are in Blogger now, because they don't show up! Grump!

It's all very Spinal Tap..... :)

Current mood: busy


Polly said...

Jane, if you've using a browser on your screen you can change the screen resolution by using "Control +" or "Control -" to enlarge or make it smaller, it avoids having to move the virtual magnifying glass! Polly

steel breeze said...

Thanks, Polly. Unfortunately, it's not the internet browser I'm struggling with - it's Windows Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Word/Excel. I find the white background too bright, too! :(