Sunday, March 24

Because I need more yarn...

Well, this year's birthday was a different one - I was on the Guild of Machine Knitter's stand at the NEC all day. It was just Pat and I as A couldn't make it, it was snowing quite hard in the Malverns. We had about 1.5" in Rugby but driving was ok if slower than normal. 

Picture 025
This was our main display - "Well knit by Moonlight", designed by Alice Wolfe and knitted by her and eight guild members. 

Picture 026
Scarves, a poncho and the machine with another scarf in progress. 

I realised I've been attending the March show at the NEC for several years and rarely take many  pictures, so I tried to take a few this year.

Picture 027
Adorable patchwork dragon

Picture 028
Picture 029
The famous "pile" at Black Sheep wools - I scored some Rowan Colourscape here, hurrah!

Picture 030
Picture 031
Donated bags for the Heartsease project

Picture 032
There are exhibitions too - there was an exhibition of lace from Calais.

I accidentally bought more yarn:

Picture 040
Rowan colourscape chunky - lusted after this for ages and then they discontinued it I think?

Picture 039
Bought this because I love me some James C Brett marble chunky, but then I had to go back for another colourway:

Picture 038

When I got back home, the Cog served prawn cocktail, enchiladas, apple crumble, coffee cake and wine, plus cava. Hurrah for the Cog!

Closer to home, I've been playing around with gadgets a lot lately. This is the design screen for the PPD (you can set the number of sts and rows yourself):

Picture 033

And this is the PPD itself (the cartridge is removable, and I do have one of the Brother volume cartridges somewhere!)

Picture 034

This is the magic hidden connector on the 950i - looks like CAT5, but isn't:

Picture 035

And a new gadget courtesy of Phil, which I haven't tried out yet. Floppy disks, ah that takes me back! Luckily I'm not QUITE old enough to remember the precursor to the 5.25" (genuinely floppy) disks, although I did see one once. 

Picture 043

This afternoon I have mostly been trying to use up the blue cotton chenille. It does not seem to want to leave the house though, it is endless! 


Blonde said...

"I accidentally bought more yarn."
I guess we're all slightly accident prone... ;-)

Nicole said...

The first picture with the knitted toys is super. Toys like this should be choosed by the parents for their kids. amazing.