Wednesday, June 19


Hello, and welcome to the world of left-mousing. The right index finger is still painful, so am trying to use the left hand this week. It's not as bad as I thought it might be. Totally over the ibuprofen gel though - it's like Bonjela, and doesn't really absorb into the skin, and leaves stickiness. Like being attacked by an amorous snail. Ick.

Anyway, some eye-candy for you:

Crocheted baby matinee jacket from Inside Crochet June 2013. Used a 6mm hook to suit the yarn.

Swirl baby blanket from Diana Natters (but done on a standard gauge and doubled up). Frill loosely based on Bill King's partial knitting technique. Finished this a while ago but only just got around to pressing it. Figured it was one way to use up some Denys Brunton Magicolor, seeing as most are part cones and not worth hanging onto.

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