Monday, June 24


Smoulder was completed on Friday night. I'm thinking I might use the chunky machine to make a belt for it. I'm hoping after a handwash and a good pressing the cast on edges might lie flat. I have to wonder what the designer was thinking - 2 rows of garter stitch do not a flat edge make. I think next time I'll use my own judgement.

Over the weekend the weather wasn't great, more like April than June, so I knit up another Baby Surprise jacket, an earflap hat and made a start on a crocheted baby blanket. At first, the index finger complained, and I had to stop. After a while, I started again, and this time it didn't complain. These are all stashbuster projects to use up the James C Brett. Not least because I bought someone's destashing on Ravelry, which included some James C Brett DK - most of it is sock yarn though, and will be for sale items. Yes, I'm finally going to resurrect the Etsy shop. We'll see if there are any takers.

Today I have forgotten my pain gel too. Oops. I was sure it was in my bag. Not that it is even working. Still left-mousing at the moment.

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