Wednesday, June 26


Rather shaky photo of "Smoulder" pre washing and blocking, I hope it's going to fix that curl! I cheated somewhat and made the front band part of the front, then grafted it at the back neck.

I had a quick play with fairisle on the CSM. This is the good side, dropped a few stitches on the other side. Didn't help that the yarns are different thicknesses, either. Thanks to Mia and Knottyewe for the tips. Tweezers and patience definitely required. Note dodgy fingernail - it's about 60% normal looking now.

Baby surprise jacket, for a baby with no neck:

Ear flap hat, loosely based on the Clearwater knits pattern:

Examples of pooling no 132:
Not sure I'm that happy with this, the neck came out a bit funny. Chenille is my nemesis, clearly... There's quite a bit left though so there might be a chance to try again.

I'm obsessed with this at the moment - easy and coming out beautiful:

Oh, and this arrived today. Because clearly 105 entries on Ravelry is not enough yarn:
Sock yarn for making various socks to sell, and the James C Brett DK because (a) I love the colours and (b) the plan is to get the SK860 out soon and I need some DK to put through it.

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mrsminiverblue said...

I love the "Smoulder" sweater it looks so cosy and warm. I love James C Bret yarns, I made a lovely blankie for my grand-daughter with it.