Thursday, December 12



I went to a destash night and came back with this lot... What can I say but whoops? I should say that the fun fur, the chenille and the snowflake are already well on the way to being scarves. I think the marble might become a hat. Not sure about the other stuff. The irony is, I got back a small ball of green/multi sock yarn which is actually leftovers from a pair I knitted a while ago - so some stash actually came back!

I did manage to pass some other stuff on though - although I discovered my Rav stash isn't quite as accurate as I thought. It has actually dropped below 100 for the first time this year, but that's partly because I've stopped counting "leftovers". They go into a clear plastic bag and end up in other projects.

In other news, I finished the first hopscotch sock, and started the second one. I also did some more xmas knitting which involved the PC10 and a motif pattern. The SK860 gave me fits patterning-wise - it would only see the N1 cam on the second pass, which meant that the motif was out by a lot of stitches on the first row (and this was a reproducible fault). As soon as I removed the N1 cam? Worked like a charm. So, it doesn't ALWAYS pay to follow the instructions to the letter!

I'm still in the thick of xmas knitting, and that also means xmas sewing up, so I can't really get going on the Yoked sweater MKAL (Machine Knit-A-Long)we started on Ravelry just yet. Looking forward to a relaxing week at home over Christmas where I can get to grips with it properly.

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