Monday, January 20

Not avoiding the sales, then...

So I finished the socks, but managed to drop some stitches on the second one:

Luckily they are for me (in fact I am wearing them right now) so it doesn't matter. I can't feel the extra knots.

The other half is going snowboarding in Austria this week, and to that end he bought himself a board bag from Snow+Rock. Alas, their website must be misleading, because the bag that turned up was 165 cm and he wanted the 157 cm one because Lufthansa charge for the bigger bag. So because of that extra 8cm we had to return the bag to their store in Birmingham (he got the bag he wanted, in person, in Leamington Spa). Collect+ has a size limit, dontcha know?! So although I was annoyed about the loss of knitting time, I have M&S vouchers to spend so agreed to accompany him. Fatally, I nipped into House of Fraser just to see what yarn they had on sale. When you realise that the haberdashery department is on the 5th floor, you'll realise what a lie "nipped" is! :)

Yup, they had quite a bit of Rowan on sale, including some kidsilk haze, but I only bought one bag, I didn't go mad this time.

They also had this Lumio yarn. I'd seen it in Hobbycraft already and had planned to buy the pink after xmas, but of course, by then, that was the one colourway that was sold out. The hat is already knitted - I might leave the pompom off though. It does reflect light, but not with the flash off.

Didn't manage to spend the M&S vouchers though. I'm trying to buy new gym trousers, but they either have leggings that would only fit someone 6ft plus - they bag around my thighs and make them look even bigger than they are - or they have straight trousers which are a bit too tight around the thighs. Might treat myself to a new work skirt in a few weeks instead.

At least I can say I finally got something in the sales I suppose. I hate hunting through the jumble sale of rails in shops in January - even if you find something you like, you can guarantee it won't be in your size, so I usually avoid like the plague.

Also, I have a sore throat. Roll on February!

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