Tuesday, January 14

Second sock syndrome...

...is easy to catch. Especially when you've made your first ever, toe-up sock, on the CSM. I made some soft weights before Christmas - a 3lb and an approximately 2lb weight. Bought 2kg of lead shot online, so the 2lb weight is just the leftovers. The instructions for the soft weights were on an American blog I think, hence imperial. Anyway, the 3lb worked quite well.

However, picking up the cast on row was quite a struggle (it was quite a stretch). I got the pattern from notes I made from a Youtube video, and I think I might need to revisit it because I suspect they may have done a base row before making the toe. I might have started with the heel spring too, force of habit. Pretty sure I was supposed to hand feed the first 6 rows. Somehow I ended up cranking the foot backwards - which works, but felt really odd. The mechanical rev counter went backwards too, of course! I added an extra row to the heel so I could crank clockwise. It just needs the ends sewing in, and, of course, a mate. Finished it with the super-stretchy bind off.

Just to prove it's not all machine knitting chez steelbreeze:

The Crow Prints shawl, 2nd pattern repeat almost complete, Babylonglegs semi-precious. Hoping it will look a lot less like a dishrag when it's blocked.

Both pics taken with new mobile - the top one used flash I think so isn't great, the bottom one came out really well though!

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