Sunday, November 30

Knitting doldrums

Well, it's possibly self-inflicted. I seem to have several troublesome projects on the go at the moment (yeah, ignoring all the other projects hibernating on Ravelry down the right of this page, ha!).

The Zen jacket, a lovely crochet project in merino, is almost finished. However, it's now quite heavy so doesn't get taken anywhere and is currently sulking under the coffee table.

I'm making some celtic cabled socks which I designed myself - but there's something happening every other round with the cable, so it's not exactly television knitting. I take them places to work on them, but it's too much brain power sometimes.

I'm also knitting something for xmas, which doesn't get much work done on it because it has to be done in secret.

I also started a scarf for xmas - but it's nowhere near long enough and I almost forgot I was working on it - there's no way it'll be done in time now anyway.

I've made a back and a front of a Lizard Ridge cardigan, and have mislaid the scrappy bit of paper I wrote down what I was doing - plus, it feels like I've hardly been in the same place as my knitting machines for some time*.

Ah, Aries. Great at starting things, really hates finishing them. What is the answer? Start a new project?!

It's a good job I'm not planning any major xmas knitting this year (unlike last year, the year of the socks) - I'm not sure I could find the time nor the mojo.

Anyway, got to run - I'm demonstrating CSM socks at Fargo Village today and I need to get the car packed and get going.

* We just had a short break in Bruges - lots of chilling out, wandering around the shops (they still have C&A in Europe!), eating good food and drinking excellent beer. Probably only got about 8 rounds of cabled sock done.

Current mood: okay

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