Friday, September 11

Dream week 2015

Had another wonderful week at the Metropolitan Dream week. Did some interesting braids with Clair Crowston, refreshed my brain about holding position and saw some interesting ideas for embellishments with Elaine Cater. Tony Bennett was inspirational as always - I swear that man can make rectangles and simple shapes into anything! Also had a class with ex-Brother engineer John Blakeman about double jacquard.

My blue bamboo lace dress (terrible choice of trousers and footwear!) won me a £30 gift voucher which I used to buy some lovely alpaca yarn. My punk hat went down a storm - Tony strutted around the room with it and had us in tears of laughter. It didn't win, but it did get me a pen from Australia, courtesy of Tony. There were quite a few hats but the winner of the non-wearable category was a lovely little monkey by a lady on our table.

It was lovely to meet old friends and make new ones - the Norwegian girls were there again (hi Randi!) but we also had a visitor from Australia, and lots of folks from throughout the UK. Lovely to see some male knitters, too. I met some lovely folks whose names escape me right now (I HAVE had some red wine though!), please come say hello either here or on Ravelry where I am known as steelbreeze. The food at Hunter's Lodge was excellent as always! Only thing that spoils it for me is the raging insomnia - I suspect weight loss will help though so that's something only I can fix! It's a mentally taxing week, but physically I've been quite the slob - three course meals every night, more brekko than I usually eat (although I did stick to cereal every day) and only two quick bouts in the gym.

There ARE some photos, but I've yet to unload either the camera or the 'phone, and right now I'm too tired to move from the sofa! Will put them in the next post.

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