Wednesday, September 2

FO, well kind of: woven tea-towels


Shock horror, these tea-towels are even a little bit bright for me! Yes, even steelbreeze has her limits! ;)

Yeah, there were supposed to be three, but I decided the cloth was a bit warp-dominant / sleazy, so the third bit became a sample and the first bit of weaving became two slightly longer tea-towels. Yeah, yeah, I know, I should probably have woven a sample first and resleyed it afterwards instead of the other way around, but hey, it was a fun learning process and I learnt how to resley! The sample is still in the washing pile. It's amazing how patterns that looked great on the loom, have sunk and altered since washing, and patterns that looked like nothing much on the loom have blossomed into something more interesting. I was just enjoying mucking around and didn't really make notes of what patterns I was doing, it was just a bit of fun. Seems the "wrap around an inch and divide by 2" rule isn't a hard and fast one - general opinion on Rav is that 28 epi is too loose and I should try 32 - 40wpi - so the sample has three different epis across, 32, 36 and 40 (which was the blue edge). Noting it here so I can come back when I need to!

One of the nicest bits was when I did two tabby picks the same - so I might just double up the warp for the next one. I seem to have plenty left.

Yes, I'm taking to weaving in exactly the same way as I did for machine knitting. Try and do double jacquard in the first three months - or in this case, use a very fine cotton which is more suitable for more advanced weavers. In other words, try and conquer Mount Everest on your first attempt, having never climbed a hill. Well, it's one way to learn a hobby - try something difficult and then spend the next few years working your way up to actually figuring out what went wrong. Heh - I'm stubborn enough!

So, the towels are finished, but I'm thinking the next ones will be better.

Haven't had much spare brain power for knitting/crochet lately. The weather's on the turn - crisp, autumnal mornings and lots of rain - so the urge will be back soon, I'm sure!

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