Sunday, January 24

FO: more mittens and legwarmers


Mittens mostly knitted on the machine, modified from a handknit pattern so I modified the top decreases, as decreasing the handknit way ("K6, k2tog, rep" etc) isn't easy on a machine, especially when knitting tubular. It's very hard to see decreases when both beds are up and thus almost impossible to line the decreases up nicely.


CSM legwarmers for a friend.

Apologies for the dreadful photos, the camera on my 'phone doesn't take great shots at the best of times, and I was too tired to go dig out the digital camera last night. I did also knit a tuck lace scarf in a weird nylony yarn that looked quite nice in the ball but was not great to knit, not to mention it catches on any rough surface. The yarn and the unfinished scarf might well go in the "what was I thinking?" category (ie the bin).

Himself has gone off for a short snowboarding break, so it's just me and Eddie the devilcat until Thursday. Just completed a big round of broken link checking on the needlesofsteel website, and saddened to see the demise of Kidoodles. I always try and find the "new" location of patterns, but sometimes the website in question just isn't archived and the links have to be deleted. Also very sorry to hear of the passing of Clarisse (Knittenkitten), she of the desertknits blog.

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