Thursday, January 28

First world problems

Can anyone explain to me, how I was knitting away on 4 DPNs, and catching up on a bbc drama "Dickensian" - and suddenly, I only have 3 DPNs? I can respace the knitting enough to finish the mitten but it's very annoying, knitting circular on 2 DPNs tends to be tight. So far, the sofa has refused to reveal its secret compartment (where I suspect it has also stored quite a few stitch markers and my favourite sewing up needle). Also, remember the grey marled fingerless gloves I made for my niece a few weeks ago? No idea what happened to the rest of the yarn. It wasn't much, barely more than 5 metres. But where it's got to is beyond me - I'm crocheting a baby blanket with DK oddments and it was a prime candidate, being much too short for anything else.

I reckon we must have elves or something. Grump.

Current mood: annoyed

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