Tuesday, February 2

FO: Star Wars fingerless gloves


Finished these on the 31st for my nephew's birthday. They were going to be Batman gloves but I decided Star Wars was easier as it's fairisle not intarsia. Thumbs a little long and top ribbing could have been deeper as it's curling a little, but overall a lovely pattern! Found on Ravelry :)

In other news, got DAK8 up and running on the Mac, no idea if it'll "talk" to a machine as I don't have the cables yet - next month maybe? Going on a two-day course at Metropolitan at the end of this month anyway so hopefully I'll get the basics :)

We did some DBJ at Manor House t'other week (which the Brother KH950i curtailed in spectacularly smoky fashion, when it blew a capacitor!) using my DBJ cheat sheet, which I think I need to update and improve upon. I also want to finish up some MK and HK projects that have been languishing in the sidebar waaaay too long, and start swatching some lovely alpaca I won in September. Despite having had a fairly free weekend, events overtook me as we had to go into Brum to get a DVD box set (also for the nephew) as Coventry is currently without an HMV and Rugby's closed ages ago. Must try harder! This is the year of destash, finish up, tidy up and dejunk the knitting room so that I can decorate it. To that end, there's some stash for sale on Ravelry (I'm steelbreeze). So far nobody's biting at 1p per gramme so I'm going to say "Offers, please!". Postage prices don't help though! :S

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