Monday, February 22

FO: Lizard Ridge jumper and a baby blanket


Started in 2014, I finally finished this. Not happy with the neck, the two inner buttons are extraneous as doing them up makes me feel strangled. Debating whether to unpick the buttons (it's four plain and two bevelled) and sew up the spare buttonholes. I mounted the pieces onto the machine and knit the sleeves downwards, so unpicking the neck isn't really an option. Himself insists on tilting the camera at 30 degs so I look like I have tiny legs and am top-heavy. I shall have to start getting the tripod out and doing my own photo shoots with the DSLR and the remote, I think...


Yeah, not one of my better blankets. Freeform is all very well until you later realise that changing patterns means changing widths also. I guess it will work for someone - maybe in a pushchair?

Haven't had much time to machine knit lately - didn't take it to Iceland and I'm away on a two day course from tomorrow in DAK8. :) Have made a front and a back for a child's jumper, might get to the sleeves tonight, in between packing and housework. We shall see.

Despite supposedly trying to get the stash down - I only managed to sell off a few cones on Rav, and knitting them up takes time, ya know - I fell for this online. What can I say, but, whoops?!


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