Sunday, February 21

OT: Iceland

We had a little trip to Reyjavik - tiny, cold, lovely food - but very expensive to eat out! I resisted buying any yarn although it was lovely. I'm supposedly working through stash but more stuff keeps arriving because, ooh, shiny! (see next post) :S We saw a few museums, and some of the tourist sites, but not the Northern Lights - they kept themselves to themselves all week :)

The Iceland Handknitting Association has a high-street shop packed with lovely knitwear though - beautiful lacy scarves for £43 (ish) and traditional yoked sweaters for £150 (ish). I didn't buy - it was tempting but I don't wear jumpers much as it is (yes, ironic seeing how many I own!) as the office is kept at around 24 degrees (!). It was nice to see that handknitting had a high-street presence there, anyway.

Surprised to see restaurants serving whale, horse and puffin. I guess it takes all sorts (and no, I didn't try any of those!).

DSCN2257 - Copy
Blue Lagoon spa

Thingvellir national park

Gullfoss falls


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