Thursday, February 11

When I am gone, think only this of me...

As blogpost titles go, not one of my best, alas. I've just had the sad task of deleting all the links on the needlesofsteel website to all the patterns on Ravelry created by a certain member of the MK group, as she deleted herself a few weeks back and has since sadly passed away after a short battle with leukaemia. It's always saddening to see someone you almost felt you knew, albeit through the medium of an online forum, post less and less and then finally disappear. It was B's wish to delete herself, which meant all of her advice, photographs, and patterns are gone for good. Her decision; I respect that, although I can't say I understand it.

I fully intend to leave myself lying around online, scattered about the internets like old leaves, because I'm sure, in amongst all the witterings, there's some information here that someone may find useful. Who am I to take that away? It would be nice to think I could leave some sort of legacy behind, as the fruits of my struggles with various crafts. This is, of course, assuming there is such a thing as the internet in 2072! I have no children, but I do have young relatives - how strange that they will be able to read my words when I'm no longer around to speak them! Well, what profound thoughts for a Thursday night!

This year, I'm aiming to destash, finish up some languishing projects, tidy up, and have a good sort out - it's amazing how much stuff I've managed to accumulate in the last 13 years or so since my last house move. I have the squirrel mentality of acquiring books because someone else said it was a must have, or I'll acquire a book on a subject I've a passing interest on, and then I never seem to get around to opening and reading said book. It's an illness without a name, I'm sure - expecting the mere presence of the book to inform and teach me by some sort of weird osmosis of ownership. There's a goal in mind this year - I need to clear the knitting room out so that I can decorate it, and then I plan on fitting it out with lots of shelving so that I can have my craft book collection in one place, filed by subject matter. Currently, half of them are in the bedroom, some are in the "office" and some are in the living room.

I'm also going to hopefully challenge myself to try out new techniques and new kit. But first; review, reduce, recycle.

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